Greening Magat Eco-Tourism Park for villagers

The Lower Magat Eco-Tourism Park will plant soon for Diadi, Nueva Vizcaya, and nearby villagers.

The villagers of Diadi town of Nueva Vizcaya will benefit from the “Plantation Establishment of Wild Food Plants for Wildlife” project,

as they will be open to seedling production and other activities for the project.

Through the project, the LMETP in Barangay San Luis in Diadi town will plant with indigenous tree species within the 10-hectare forestland area.

Tree species will select for plantation such as guava, bignai, kamagong, and katmon,

among others which will breed through the establishment of a seedling production and tree

nursery which is good to our Mother Earth as the tree, will plant in the Park.

These plants will attract birds with its fruits, eat the fruits and from the bird droppings,

there will be a natural way to click here cultivate or breed seeds.

This does not mean having an exact replica or model of the original forests but the effort of bringing back the

structure, function, productivity, and species biodiversity of the original forest ecosystem.

The 1,200 hectare LMETP is one of the major areas for eco-tourism

development by the provincial government because of its important role

in watershed preservation, livelihood for villagers, and its income-generating potentials.

The project which will implement within three years that will provide

livelihood opportunities for villagers of barangays San Luis and Bugnay in Diadi town.

This will be a great project if they will put massive and consistent effort for reforestation to protect

and to fully develop the forestland.

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